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Handcrafted, With Love

Since I was a child, I have had a love for statement bracelets and pretty jewelry. If it wasn't eye-popping to me, I didn't look at it. One of my goals was to create something that would be talked about for a while.  Jeweled, With Love started as a means to pay bills during the global pandemic. However, it quickly catapulted into an actual business of selling bracelets. Seeing people fall in love with handmade jewelry and trinkets again, let me know that I was driving in the right lane. Every single bracelet design is carefully curated and handcrafted by me with a lot of time and love. I hope you enjoy the pieces I have created for you. Happy Shopping.


With Love,


Octavia Simone 

Bulk Orders? No Problem!

Jeweled, With Love is proud to take on bulk orders. We are open to all styles and ideas. We are a custom jewelry boutique, and we would be happy to create for you.


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